Helping hands while stranded abroad

When Jordan Jeffery and his family were stuck in Australia, his colleagues stepped up.

07 avril 2020

When Jordan Jeffery’s flight was cancelled due to COVID-19, there was no certainty of when he could leave Australia, where he had travelled for a holiday with his wife and son.  Their home was over 10,000 miles away in London.

Thankfully his colleagues stepped in to help, suggesting locations for temporary accommodation and arranging a laptop so he could continue to work with clients and his team back home.  

“With all the current challenges being faced in respect of COVID-19, the help I have received from JLL Australia has been amazing,” says Jordan, Head of Asset Services for JLL in the UK. “It’s nice to know that wherever you are in the world, help and support is available.”

Jordan and his family eventually secured a flight home. It was two weeks after their original scheduled flight, giving Jordan no choice but to work across time zones.

“Being with my wife and son, we still made the most of our family time in Noosa, but after lunch we would come back to our apartment where I would work, joining calls from about 6pm until 10pm when my UK colleagues were awake,” he says. “The time difference wasn’t ideal but I wanted to help my team in the UK and so made it work.”

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