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Lyon Office Market Q3 2016


Work becomes lifestyle as generations Y and Z reinvent offices

According to a JLL report[1], 49% of employees aged under 35 believe that they would be more committed to their company if it were to introduce a democratic model based on shared decision making and responsibilities.

The report reveals that young people dream of involvement and responsibility, recognition from management, flexible working practices and involvement in important projects. More than freedom, they dream of belonging to a community that embodies the values in which they believe. They dream of fluidity, of a world without silos, without dress codes, with no distinction between professional and personal and no longer want the environment to be imposed.

As part of the report, the young people interviewed devised 15 new forms of workspace with a range of complementary uses.

lifestyle 1.JPG

By 2030, the office will of course remain a place where we go to work, but in addition the workplace will sometimes:

· be hyper productive, working in PERFORMANCE TUBES, or be highly collaborative, within PROJECT SPACES, FABLABS which allow experimentation, or using PITCH THEATRES for idea creation.

· be a place of inspiration, which would allow one to withdraw to a HIDEAWAY or to experience art installations in a DISRUPTIVE space, designed like a curiosity cabinet.

· allow for the formation of new relationships in a RECEPTION LOUNGE, completely open to all, to work at a POP-UP DESK in an unexpected location, or to stroll through an AGORA dedicated to connections and the organisation of meet-ups within the company

Lifestyle 2.JPG

By 2030, the office will have finally become a regenerative space:

· It will offer disconnection COCOONS, playgrounds to let off steam, ASSOCIATIONS to fulfil ​the need for civic engagement.

· It will be a community space: parties and FLASH MOBS will form part of the daily routine and workers will meet at COMMUNAL KITCHEN GARDENS where they can cultivate tomatoes alongside interpersonal relationships. 

In light of these rising expectations, some companies in the digital economy have already made the first steps. BlaBlaCar, Deezer and Allo Resto are already experimenting with tribal working, games rooms and disconnection areas. Their spaces have been jointly designed with the employees and create an experience that workers deem to be unique - and which brings them closer to the company. This longed-for managerial vision should soon become reality and offices will, without a doubt, have a decisive role to play.

Lifestyle 3.JPG


[1] Quantitative survey of 200 young people, carried out by the CSA institute - and qualitative with 3 focus groups comprised of high-school pupils, students and young start-up owners.​

Download the report​