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Global Corporate Real Estate Trends 2013 - Risk ahead

- Expectations and pressures build, heightening the risk of underperformance
- Increased demand is leading to fasterpaced evolution of CRE outsourcing
- Workplace transformation is the key to unlocking worker productivity and optimizing portfolios
- CRE must become a collaborative change agent
- Failure to deliver in emerging markets will become one of CRE’s greatest reputational risks

We are delighted to introduce Jones Lang LaSalle’s second biennial report on global corporate real estate (CRE) trends, which provides powerful insights into the current condition and future direction of CRE.
More than 600 CRE executives from 39 countries contributed to this report through surveys and interviews. Their responses show that amid continuing challenges in the economic and operating environment, there are more risks ahead. CRE teams have been tasked with a broader and more strategic agenda since our first report was released in 2011. Five global trends have
emerged, each with its associated risks.
Post the global financial crisis (GFC), the elevation of CRE has created a new
tipping point. CRE must keep pace with the increasing speed and demands of the broader business or risk a return to the undervalued positioning of the past. This will require change in the mandate, structure, positioning and method of CRE.

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