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Salaried employment in the Paris region October 2012

Greater Paris region does well in Q2 and continues to generate jobs

The Greater Paris region sets its own pace in French employment statistics

As in the previous quarter, the unemployment indicator in the Greater Paris region increased in Q2, reaching 8.5% of the active population. The rise over the quarter was 0.1%, identical to the country as a whole. However, the increase for the Greater Paris region over one year is lower than the national level, at +0.4% compared with +0.6%. This disparity can be explained by differing trends between the Greater Paris region and the rest of the country,
with the Paris region continuing to see its salaried employment rise in the second quarter, while this figure fell nationally.

At the end of the second quarter, salaried employment in the
commercial sector in the Greater Paris region increased 0.3%
(Q2 vs Q1), representing a total of 12,200 jobs. The increase over
one year was 0.7%, or around 28,500 jobs.​

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